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Pure Castile Liquid Soap (230ml)


100% Natural Handcrafted Soap

A pure castile soap hancrafted with 100% olive oil. True castile soap made this way is exceptionally mild and moisturising. 100% olive soaps produces low lather but cleanses just as well while being gentle on the skin. Our ununscented olive oil soap is now available in liquid form, suitable for all ages including babies and young children of all skin types.

Formulated based off the age old Castile recipe which is a purely plant based soap with high olive oil content, this liquid soap is extremely mild and gentle. It is rich in glycerine which leaves your skin moisturized, smooth and supple.

In our handmade liquid soap recipe, we added a small dose of coconut oil to give it more lather. To give the liquid castile soap more clarity, we added a small portion of castor oil as pure olive oil liquid soap by nature is murky brown in colour.