Travel Talk – Claire Sancelot On Reducing Carbon Footprint When Travelling

Born and raised in France to parents who made recycling ‘cool’, Claire Sancelot grew up with an environmentally conscious mindset. Determined to make a change, Claire adopted a zero waste lifestyle in 2010 and started the #zerowastemovement.

She also established Malaysia’s first zero waste bulk grocery store called The Hive, after realising the lack of planet-friendly consumer products. What separates it from other supermarkets, is that most of their products are locally-sourced from suppliers who adhere to The Hive’s principles of zero waste, and comes with no packaging. Located in Bangsar, The Hive sells more than 300 organic whole foods. You’ll also find a wide range of everyday lifestyle products such as skincare, bamboo tumblers, and reusable sanitary pads that are a big hit among female shoppers.

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