Tips for going zero(-ish) waste in the Klang Valley

Simple tweaks to start reducing waste in your daily routine.

The term “zero waste” may sound daunting to the uninitiated. Some even think the phrase sounds militant. However, proponents would argue that it’s an ongoing process, working towards an ideal instead of a strict set of rules.

In other words; you don’t HAVE to buy a metal straw to live a zero waste lifestyle.

There are 5Rs to remember, as popularised by zero waste guru Bea Johnson; “Refuse what you do not need, Reduce what you do need, Reuse what you consume, Recycle what you cannot refuse, reduce or reuse, and Rot (compost) the rest.”

A large part of what this will involve, is refusing and reducing something we’ve all gotten too comfortable with — single-use plastics.

So here is a simple beginner’s list of simple tweaks you can make to basic aspects of your life to reduce waste:

Waste-free eating

By now, you’ve probably heard about turning down plastic straws when you order drinks. It’s been effective in being an entry point to waking people up to the real extent of plastic pollution. As you may also already know, there are reusable alternatives which include bamboo and metal straws, and even silicone straws for anyone with medical conditions that require a softer option.

There’s also an alternative that people often overlook — just drink straight from the cup.

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