In 2019, National Geographic brings back to Portugal some of the most prominent voices working for the protection of the planet and the conservation of species. National and international specialists who bring to us their experience, ideas and ways of acting, with the aim of reducing (and in some cases) eliminating the production and consumption of disposable plastics.
In this conference, two perspectives will be approached, the first, of framing and becoming aware of the problem and its consequences, showing how beautiful our planet is and what is being called into question, with:
  • Brian Skerry , National Geographic photographer, one of the world’s leading underwater photographers, and one of the most renowned voices in the field of marine conservation. We recently had his exhibition “Sharks” at the Lisbon Oceanarium, where we can see his work in favor of shark conservation;
  • Lucy Hawkes , ecologist and researcher, focuses her work on migrations made by birds and some marine species, bringing to the stage the animals’ perspective regarding ocean pollution through plastic;
  • Paula Sobral , biologist, specialist in microplastics and marine waste, founder and President of the Portuguese Association of Marine Waste. You will share your work with us and give us a scientific perspective on this problem.
And a second part in which we will address the solutions and the paths to follow, with:
  • Jamie Butterworth , responsible for investment management at Circularity Capital, will talk about the circular economy and how it can be an asset for companies, namely SMEs, reducing costs and optimizing resources. It will address the challenge of how we can avoid the consumption of plastics upstream in the value chain;
  • Claire Sancelot , who will share her experience of living a Zero Waste lifestyle without producing waste. Distinguished by the United Nations for its work in favor of sustainable development, it will show how it is possible (also for families, since they have 3 children) to have a lifestyle with minimal waste and without sacrificing comfort or quality of life. Claire Sancelot will be present at the National Geographic Summit 2019, in place of Lauren Singer, who for reasons unrelated to the organization, will not be able to attend.
The conference takes place on April 29, at Casa da Música, in Porto and starts at 3 pm and ends at 7 pm. The latest tickets are for sale for € 50 and can still be purchased at  or at Casa da Música.
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