Back in the 1980s, a four-year-old child watched her parents recycle paper and glass in the French city of Lille.

Today, that child is 40-year-old Claire Sancelot, now a parent herself to three young girls. Like her “green” parents, she is also doing her bit for the environment. She now hopes her family would join in her efforts.

Sancelot, who is married to a Malaysian, is the founder of a popular blog ( and Facebook page she started five years ago when the family was living in Hong Kong.

At the end of August last year, her family – herself, husband, three children, a dog and a helper – relocated to Kuala Lumpur. She still maintains her blog and has added a new Facebook page (Zero Waste Kuala Lumpur). Via social media, Sancelot shares weekly tips on how to reduce waste; she aims to reduce her household garbage to one bag per month!


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