The Hive, a co-operative tucked in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur – is fast becoming an intriguing hangout spot. It’s not the latest hipster coffeehouse or fusion-whatever eatery, but rather a social enterprise that offers solutions to sustainable living.

The Hive operates from an actual house. In the living room, there are over 50 bulk whole foods (local and imported) including nuts, legumes and cereals. Homemade food spreads, biscuits, oils, seasoning and baking condiments are available, too.

The co-op was set up in late-2016 by zero waste advocate Claire Sancelot, a Frenchwoman married to a Malaysian. The Hive serves as a one-stop centre where customers can shop for products in a sustainable, ethical and economical way.

Food, Skincare And More

The Hive caters to individuals with different preferences including vegans, organic food followers, and people with gluten intolerance. Also available are organic skincare items, cosmetics, personal care products, washable sanitary napkins and dog treats.

Orang Asli Vegetables

Sancelot walks the talk: she doesn’t subscribe to plastic or paper bags at the co-op. And don’t expect a physical receipt either. You’ll get it by e-mail.

“Customers are encouraged to bring their own recyclable bags, bottles and containers. To further reduce the carbon footprint, items are sold without extra packaging.”


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