Showbiz: Save environment and money by using menstrual cups, suggests Natasha Hudson

August 26, 2019 @ 12:38pm


KUALA LUMPUR: For women who want to save the environment and saving themselves a bit of money every month, actress Natasha Hudson suggested they opt for menstrual cups instead of the conventional sanitary napkin.

“Menstrual cups save the environment. I mean why to waste money on conventional pads when you have options,” she wrote on Instagram recently.

The 36-year-old artiste added that while “…it depends what your preference is. You can balance them both out and save a lot more.”

She also explained more about the bell-shaped cup, made of silicone and safe for usage.

She added that it could prevent leakage resulting in a stain on clothing.

Many of her female fans and followers responded positively by sharing their experiences of using this feminine hygiene device.

“I’ve used this for several years now, and it’s good especially when I’m busy as the cup could hold up to six and 10 hours,” one commented on Natasha’s posting.

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