After having celebrated the launch of the second outlet of Malaysia’s bulk organic store, The Hive, Claire is still going strong with her #zerowaste lifestyle, which is rapidly beginning to inspire and acquire a larger following within the country. This 2017 United Nations awardee lived in Hong Kong for 10 years, where she first discovered the movement she is now fighting and living for, mainly driven by maternal instincts. “I had, in my flat then, an air purifier, water filter and all the organic baby food packaged from countries far and wide, and this is when I realised the whole system was not working anymore. This is when my husband and I decided to start by reducing our waste as much as possible. It was the best thing for our child’s future,” Claire confessed, before stressing that climate change can no longer be disputed, and that habits have to change, especially if one is young. “At the same time, there’s common sense and decency. I would love to talk to commercial F&B brands on reducing takeout cups and containers. It can be as simple as bringing a tiffin for takeaway, or even finding eco-friendly food delivery packaging,” she suggested. Since Claire lives with almost zero waste, she admitted to feeling much, much better and by extension, that her life is actually much simpler. Plus, it is healthy for both her and our planet.