Want to get into zero waste living? Let this co-op show you how

If you are one of the small percentage of Malaysians who religiously separates your trash and recycles, you’re probably feeling pretty good about your efforts to save the environment.

But wait you can still do more. Imagine buying food and products completely free of individual packaging and avoiding disposable items.

Well, a food co-operative in Bangsar called The Hive aims to get you to the next level i.e. zero waste living, by selling organic food and vegan products by weight.

Customers are expected to bring their own reusable packaging like containers when they shop here

Beyond recycling, zero waste living means a lifestyle where zero (or close to zero) trash is produced, such as by using compostable toothbrushes, unpackaged soap and shampoo or reusable sanitary pads, buying unpackaged groceries and placing them in one’s own jars or containers and purchasing second-hand clothes, among others.

“Living zero waste is actually amazing, it’s so liberating,” The Hive founder Claire Sancelot told Malay Mail Online.

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