HK Magazine featuring Claire Sancelot

HK Magazine: So, what’s a “zero waste lifestyle”?
Claire Sancelot:
 A zero waste lifestyle is pretty much what the name implies: our ultimate aim is to be able to lead a sustainable, zero waste way of life, and we go into this in all aspects—from the food and clothes we buy to cooking and cleaning, we do it so we are putting as little into our trash can as possible.

HK: Can you explain in a nutshell how you cut down your trash?
I like to use the “5 Rs” as a rule of thumb: reuse, refuse, repair, recycle and rot. We try to use things that can be washed and used again—and that includes my children’s diapers. Cutlery and the clothes we buy are almost all second-hand. We refuse things we don’t actually need, which means we don’t accept junk mail or random freebies in the streets. All my friends know my policy so they gift accordingly. If we really do need to throw stuff out, we try our best to make sure our waste can be rotted or is recyclable. Thinking ahead is very important. In fact, constructing a good system for your home is one of the most important things about leading a zero waste lifestyle—and in the long run, it helps you save a lot of money too.

HK: Speaking of diapers, how do you handle your ‘bodily waste’?