Eco-shopping with a conscience


It’s a global issue but the term was virtually unheard of in this country three years ago until Claire Sancelot arrived on the scene and breathed life into something that nobody here had ventured to give a chance.

“I think we should stop calling it zero waste because it scares people. It seems too impossible, unreachable. It’s a new way of living but we have to. Our survival depends on it”, asserts the spirited Frenchwoman who has become the face of the zero waste movement, not only in Malaysia but also in Hong Kong where she resided before relocating to our shores in 2015 with her husband and children.

Sancelot advises those interested “to take it easy”.

Smiling, she elaborates: “Zero waste lifestyle is whatever you want it to be. The idea is to create the least waste as you can, so don’t put in your head tomorrow I’m gonna be zero waste, it’s not gonna be fun, you’re gonna stop right away because it’s too hard. Just one step at a time. It has to work with YOUR lifestyle, with who you are.”

Their belongings had barely been unpacked when the mother of three immediately set out to source for products in line with their green lifestyle. Setting up the Zero Waste Kuala Lumpur Facebook page was just the beginning.

Always happy to chat about her crusade, a casually chic Sancelot shares with me her initial struggles to find what she wanted for her family which were natural and organic products, available in bulk, where you could trust the suppliers.

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