5 zero-waste stores in KL for an eco-friendly lifestyle

Utensils made from bamboo are sold at Frangipani Bulk (Photo: Patrick Goh/The Edge)

Although recycling your waste is a noble — and increasingly imperative — thing to do, the best way to reduce the strain on our landfills is to eliminate waste altogether. Zero-waste stores offer environmentally sensitive shoppers the option of buying groceries in bulk, sans any sort of packaging, which often has the added advantage of being cheaper and fresher. Here is our list of stores in the Klang Valley that subscribe to the zero-waste lifestyle and how you can start making a change in your homes too.

Zero-waste advocate Claire Sancelot opened the second branch of her zero-waste bulk store The Hive in Ampang, above the famous Hock Choon Supermarket. The Hive stocks over 300 whole bulk foods along with countless sustainable items, from cleaning to personal care products. The Hive’s ultimate goal is to reduce landfill waste and encourage people to adopt the five R’s — refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and rot — seriously.

The new store is a U-shaped space with bright yellow walls, adorned with instructional images and words and phrases that the brand associates with, such as “plastic-free” and “natural”. The minimalist wood shelves are stacked with countless eco-friendly goods that encourage zero wastage. The store even features a tester table for skin products and a “Be your own chemist” table complete with various essential oils for customers to mix and match. The Hive Ampang even has a little nook where classes and workshops are conducted regularly.

Bangunan Hock Choon, 1st Floor Jalan Ampang, KL. 011 1144 388 792; Lorong Maarof, Bangsar Park, KL. 03 2202 0707. More details here

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