On April 29, Zero Waste activist Claire Sancelot brings the theme ‘Small Steps, Big impact’ to the National Geographic Summit 2019.

Claire Sancelot is a Zero Waste activist and opened the first store dedicated to this style ...
Claire Sancelot is a Zero Waste activist and opened the first store dedicated to this lifestyle in Malaysia

Claire Sancelot lives a Zero Waste lifestyle in Kuala Lumpur, with her husband, three children and a dog. Zero Waste does not mean that we have to grow our own vegetables or use the same clothes until they are damaged, but that no waste goes to a landfill. Claire avoids producing waste, a task she finds difficult in a home with three children, however, says that ” if we all do our best, we can create a world with much less waste “.

She made the decision to live with Zero Waste in 2010, after the birth of her eldest daughter, when she realized that the waste generated by her family was unsustainable and that climate change is the greatest threat to humanity. Claire recalls that she was ” horrified by the amount of garbage that a small baby created “. He immediately wanted to reduce the negative impact of the garbage produced by his family , later opening the first Zero Waste store in Malaysia.

Since then, his work has been recognized by the United Nations and his story has been shared on various radio programs and in the press. In her lectures, Claire demystifies the Zero Waste lifestyle through simple household examples. Although climate change is a very serious issue, the activist makes sustainable life pleasant and viable .

The Hive store and the blog with the same name, demonstrate that leading a Zero Waste lifestyle is simple, economical, fun and totally possible for anyone. If Claire and her family can do it, anyone can!

Come hear this and other voices at the National Geographic Summit 2019 .