Don’t Leave The Green Leaves

RM 95.00

To live sustainably you need to consume local organic vegetable & fruits.
It is good for the planet, the local economy, our water supply & of course our health.
Now, leaving in SEA has many advantages but also 1 inconvenient no season so same food every week for the entire year.
The solution Birgit & Minna have found it.
They will teach us how to cook our weekly greens differently.
From 10-12 pm, they will teach us how to make:
– Green leaves rice paper wraps with Tahini dip.
– Ayuvedic spinach soup
– Vegan quiche with all sort of leaves.
– Surprise desert
12-1 pm Lunch

RM 95
Including lunch and going home with some organic greens from Mike & Ivy’s farm.

Ecolove By The Hive
RHB: 21427700078631

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