Organic Yellow Split Peas (100g)

RM 2.40

  • Rich in Dietary Fiber, Protein, Folate, Phosphorus & Potassium.



  • Dietary Fibre – Stimulates digestion & peristalsis. Helping to relieve indigestion & constipation problem.
  • Protein – Improve cellular growth. It also provides the body with an important energy source.
  • Sodium – Important mineral needed for cellular function & positively benefits neural function.
  • Iron – Essential component of many enxymes necessary for various chemical reactions in the body.
  • Calcium- Important mineral for bone, cardiovascular function & teeth growth & maintenance.
  • Manganese – Improve metabolism & promotes normal unctioning of the nervous system. It help prevent cancer and heart disease.
  • Magnesium – Keep muscle and nerve tissues functioning normal & promotes proper heartbeat. It also support healthy immune system and keeps bones strong

Suggestion Recipe

  • Great for soup, curry, stew and gravy
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