Edible Gardening in The City (31st March 9am-12pm)

RM 150.00

Tropical Urban Edible Gardening

Are you interested in growing fresh vegetables and herbs in your garden or apartment balcony?

The Hive has teamed up with Ground Control and Bungalow 35, to bring you this specially designed 3 hour hands-on workshop.

The outdoor session has been designed to showcase and demonstrate how natural vegetable gardens can exist in almost any urban environment.

Learn how to keep kitchen and garden scraps out of landfills and turn them into valuable nutrients for your garden soil. And, eave with the knowledge to plant, grow and care for your own herbs, salads and vegetables.

9.00 am Registration, Coffee
9:30 am Introduction
9.45 am Where do we live, what can we grow, how do we grow it?
10.00 am The secret to making great soil, anywhere you live
10.30 am How to prepare soil mixes for your pots and gardens
11 am Container planting for herbs, salads and smaller vegetables
11:30 am No-dig garden preparation
12.00 pm How to maintain a garden and look after it forever
12.15 pm Q & A
12.30pm End

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