Cranberry / Cranberries (100g)

RM 3.00

  • Contains proanthocyanidins which have A-type linkages that makes Escherichia Coli bacteria difficult to latch on out urinary tract linings.



  • Help prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs)
  • Phytonutrients help reduce this inflammatory cascade of events precisely at the cytokine level
  • Reduce the risk of chronic, unwanted inflammation in the stomach, large intestine (colon) and cardiovascular system (especially blood vessel linings).
  • Improve multiple aspects of immune function, and to lower the frequency of cold and flu symptoms in the subjects


Suggestion Recipe

  • As it is a ready to eat snacks, just enjoying it at any time you want
  • Can give a taste into your cake, muffin and dessert
  • Can also added to health tonics, snacks and compact
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